Pop’s new princess of darkness and unabashed rule-breaker

”I’m Poppy,” she has stated. Repeatedly (just watch). Like a puppet – or something semi-human.

But who is Poppy really? There seems to be more questions than answers.

One thing is for sure: She’s a shape-shifter. The sound of Poppy is also multi-faceted. And in constant development.

Poppy played bubblegum pop on her debut album, Poppy.Computer (2017), and on the follow-up, Am I a Girl? (2018), she explored a world of electro-pop.

Then things turned dark.

Poppy infused metal into her pop universe. I Disagree (2020) is full of pulsing beats, thrashing riffs and crushing breakdowns. But also sugary melodies and off-kilter electro.

Poppy is daring theatre of the kind where you never quite feel at ease. Something uncomfortable lurks in the shadows. But that’s also the alluring thing about Poppy.

When Poppy plays live, she is joined by a powerful rocking band. Together, they will build up a world of contradictive sounds that will leave you amazed.