Speech school helps young enthusiasts with an agenda get the message across

Røst (‘voice’ in Danish) is a speech school and a speech festival whose purpose is to strengthen the courage and ability with young people to speak.

With the traditional speech as a framework and method, we train a generation of young people to use their voices, express their opinions and interfere in the public conversation.

We are working to strengthen young people's rhetorical and democratic self-confidence, and we use Røst as a platform to let young people's voices be heard.

As part of the Summer Days programme, Røst helps a handful of young speakers on stage. Each of them puts into words how they want to be understood and heard. In a time of global pandemic, political tensions and a climate crisis, unity and solidarity are essential to bring about positive changes in society and re-establish a new normal everyday life.

On stage, you can hear young voices address the changes and issues that should occupy us all right now. And how you can help create positive changes in society using solidarity and unity as a foundation.

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