Thursday 1 July 2021
Star-to-be rapper celebrates black womanhood 

 is a North Carolina-born rapper who has risen from fierce independence, from feeling sidetracked and left out of hip-hop’s boy’s club and to become a celebrated artist in her own rightShe’s here now – and she brings the power! 

Rapsody made her name known to the world on the basis on her second album, Laila's Wisdom (2017)She helped kick open a door that had been closed to women since 1997. 

With a delivery cut from the same cloth as Jay-Z (she’s signed to his Roc Nation) or Lauryn Hill, she’s a storyteller and counterbalances her wisdom with a dry wit. Rapsody’s playful flow is mirrored by the shape-shifting production, which balances nostalgia with future-facing flourishes 

Rapsody’s identity as a black woman in this art form has been a prevalent theme in her work. On all her albums she has contemplated about the black woman’s role in hip-hop. 

Eve, her third album, is comprised of 16 tracks, each one a tribute to her heroes among black females who’ve inspired herfrom Cleopatra to Sojourner Truth to Aaliyah to Michelle Obama.  

Eve has been called “Easily one of the best rap records of the year, it’s the sound of a skilled artist becoming a vital one, and asserting her place not only in the genre but in the world. 

Together with her band, whom she calls the Stormtroopers, Rapsody will take on Roskilde Festival. Expect things to heat up, expect empowerment and an astounding show from hip-hop’s coming star!