The visual artist is in charge of decorating an audience section at Summer Days.

The Summer Days festival site is a colourful and dramatic palette, featuring an array of visual contributions from young artists.

Sahar Jamili is a Danish-Azerbaijani-Iranian artist who creates art out of the eerieness. She makes monstrous drawings that, with a punky line, repeat themselves over four motifs.

If you are the owner of the vinyl box set Sounds Like Roskilde, which was released earlier this year, you have already seen her drawings.

Monsters are common in Jamili's works and are characterised by Jamili's experience from being a Dane of a different ethnic origin. Like Jamili, monsters cross different categories and backgrounds. In a time when brown-coloured people in padded jackets are condemned as unsafe elements, Jamili embraces the monster as a fearsome creature and makes it a symbol of anti-racism.

Meet her monsters at Summer Days!

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