SICARIA SOUND (resident dj) UK

Friday 2 July 2021
Resident DJs on the Apollo stage

Say hello to Sicaria Sound. They will play as our resident DJs on the Apollo stage.

Sicaria Sound sort of translates to ‘hitman sound’ (watch out!) and is the DJ partnership of Sancha Ndeko and Imbratura Lou, two young South London-based deejays on the ascent.

They have firmly established themselves as selectors of new underground music, weaving modern dubstep with other territories of bass music and beyond.

The pair first broke through on the airwaves via London’s underground radio network, focusing on supporting other young artists pushing bass-heavy electronics at 140 BPM.

They describe the sound they’ve developed as a representation of their African heritage (South Sudanese and Moroccan, respectively), favouring unreleased dubs that closely align with the region’s distinct musical flavours.

Expect their sets at Roskilde Festival to be loaded with forward-thinking electronic sounds.