Thursday 24 June 2021
Smerz elegantly and adventurously juggle the genres in their futuristic R&B universe

Smerz and Roskilde Festival have gone hand in hand since the early beginnings. They have played at the festival three times – and that’s before they had even released an actual full length album.

The pulse of music was so vital with this Norwegian duo (who resides in Copenhagen). Their music could build whole worlds that would swallow you up.

Genre limitations were pretty much disregarded. With some sort of futuristic R&B as a starting point, the duo cut the music to pieces and reassembled it as drifting clouds over a pumping beat.

Catharina Stoltenberg and Henriette Motzfeldt are like two halves of a perfect whole. In their music, opposites create a special tension: The music is warm and cold, hard and sensitive, spherical and earthy – all at the same time.

After a few EPs, mighty indie label XL Recordings signed a record deal with Smerz, which has put them in the distinguished company of names such as FKA twigs, Adele and Arca.

In 2021, Smerz finally released their debut album, Believer, and it takes its listener through trance, hip-hop and classical music. It's a record that makes it a virtue to take chances on the journey through the sound waves. A reminder of the music's ability to surprise and delight! The reviews speak a clear message (just look here, here and here): Believer is a record you believe in and will be overcome by.

Look forward to Smerz playing at Summer Days. The Gloria stage is the same stage they last played on back in 2018 at Roskilde Festival. Look forward to an intimate sound universe as this duo unleash their distorted electronic pop music. Feel free to dance – just don't smile too much.

Smerz performs at Summer Days on June 24 alongside ML Buch and Erika de Casier.

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