A trip to the Iranian electronic underground: Meet Temp-Illusion who build beat-heavy soundscapes that sounds like deconstructed industrial

Did you know that Iran is gradually becoming recognised as a hub for some of the world’s most vital, forward-thinking experimental music? In one of the world’s most closed countries, a visionary music community now able to openly share its strange creations.

Temp-Illusion is an Iranian experimental electronic duo consisting of Shahin Entezami and Behrang Najafi.

The duo started in 2011 and performed their first audio/visual live set in collaboration with visual artists Alless and Nylaa for Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition. They use a wide range of music applications and hardware synthesizers in their music production to combine noisy and atmospheric layers with melodies and complex beat programming to achieve a unique style of dance music.

Temp-Illusion is mainly known as a live band and has performed in various shows and festivals in Tehran.

In 2019, they released their debut album, Autolected, which consists of two tracks, “Side A” and “Side B”, both of which presents a gritty, deconstructed industrial-like sound and beats that both aim for the heavy and the jungle-like. Abstract but very intense stuff!