Cheeky loudmouth rapper with a lot on her mind

Tessa came out of thin air in 2019. On her Instagram profile she uploaded hard-nosed freestyle raps, which resulted in staggering view counts. Everyone was taken aback by the young female rapper from Danish concrete suburbia who embraced her background and spat lyrics that would make most people blush.

In a short matter of time she has conquered the Danish music scene.

The first time she appeared at Roskilde Festival was when she stepped onto the stage for the first time ever (!) with a handful of songs at our opening party on the Countdown stage in 2019. And the way she took the stage proved that Tessa already has stardust sprinkled all over her.

So, it was an obvious choice to invite Tessa back for a full show at Roskilde Festival under her own name. That was one of many planned shows in the ill-fated year of 2020 when everything was paused by the corona virus.

But no stars-to-be will be held down like that. Tessa least of all.

Since the explosive start with tracks like ”Snakker for meget” (‘talking too much’), ”Okay” og ”Ben” as well as a TV documentary, Tessa has been busy penning more hard hits with dirty punchlines and her indomitable zero-fucks attitude.

Tessa's journey towards the stars has just begun. She will play at Roskilde Festival 2021. Don't miss out on Denmark’s most cheeky rapper!