Saturday 3 July 2021
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R.E.M./I Was a King supergroup jangles up your rocking heart

What do you get when you team up members of R.E.M. with members of Norwegian indie janglers I Was a King? A pretty sweet package, we can tell you that.

The No Ones is a new supergroup formed by chance after I Was A King’s Frode Strømstad and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen asked Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck to record overdubs on songs the pair was working on. It didn’t take long before the four members had formed a full-fledged band together.

And you definitely understand the magic that must have happened. Peter Buck’s love of Rickenbacker guitars and urgent playing style matches I Was a King’s nostalgic and harmonious jangle pop perfectly.

The No Ones were quick to record, and they made their debut in 2017 with the EP Sun Station (listen to the pretty and sweet/sad “Lisebet’s Gone (Sweet Street)”) and started working on their debut album that same year. Unfortunately, all recording and touring plans were shelved when Scott McCaughey suddenly suffered a stroke.

Now, The No Ones are ready to embark on the adventure that was put on a sudden hold. In 2020, the band released the debut, The Great Lost No Ones Album, which sounds like a true neo-classic. In concert, they are adding none other than Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub! Your jangly heart should definitely be there, beating in time with The No Ones.