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Breathe, relax and slow down when Thea Soti comforts you with her abstract language and unrushed stories

Thea Soti will perform in Ambereum (read about the performance space)

Sound artist and new-age vocalist Thea Soti has produced a slow sound for Ambereum. Unless You Sing Something to Me is a soundscape about slowing down and becoming human again after being swallowed up by the digital world. 

By experimenting with her voice, Soti has created a digital language with electrified human sounds and ambiance. Soti plays with the intimacy and distances her voice creates even though it speaks and sings in an imaginary language.

“Imagine that you are going through the caves and tunnels of my voice. All the sounds were created by my body, mostly by my voice, stretched and re-shaped, edited, sampled, looped and re-imagined,” Thea Soti states.

Thea Soti has studied vocals and composition in Hannover, Cologne and Lucerne. Her main focus is researching the human voice as an instrument and combining structures of improvisation, electro-acoustic compositions and performative arts. She’s a unique artistic voice at the interface of creative contemporary music and performance art.