Friday 2 July 2021
Shape-shifting star rapper ready for Roskilde 

Welcome o
ne of the most polarising and uncompromising rappers and producers of this generation: Tyler, The Creator. 

What started off as a cult-like following surrounding the perpetually mischievous leader Tyler and his group Odd Future has now grown into a fanbase large enough for him to start performing in arenas and stadiums. 

At the same time, the multi-hyphenate Californian (he’s a singer, songwriter, record producer, music video director, festival arranger, fashion designer and graphic designerhas grown to become one of the biggest and most interesting artists of today.

Tyler, The Creator’s Igorwill arrive at Roskilde Festival in more ways than one. As a character, Igor will take the stage in place of Tyler Okonma as the focal point and true headliner of his concert. Igor is also the title of Tyler, the Creator’s latest album. 

The advent of Igor coincides with the once cynical and aggro MC’s ascension to superstar status. At the same time, Tyler has grown more plaintive, vulnerable and sonically adventurous.  

On his latest two albums, Flower Boy (2017) and this year’s Igor, he has played up his more classically soulful and jazzy influences while dispensing with standard song structures in favour of unpredictable dynamics. Flower Boy got Tyler a Grammy nomination, and Igor became his first no. 1 debut on the American Billboardcharts. 

Tyler, The Creator toys with the live format. You don’t quite know where he’s heading next – and that’s both uncomfortable and captivating. 

Come and catch one of the most adventurous and interesting rappers of today when Tyler, the Creator revisits Roskilde Festival. His first show here since the wild Odd Future concert in 2011.