Thursday 1 July 2021
Americana-informed indie pop

Whitney is a band, not a person. The mellow, autumnal indie pop is built around the core songwriting duo of Julien Ehrlich and Max Kakacek.

It blends shades of Americana and classic guitar pop into a russet-coloured, American pastoral whole.

Led by Ehrlich's soft falsetto, the group's debut album, 2016’s Light Upon the Lake, told stories of heartbreak and bygone days (listen to “No Woman” and ”Golden Days”). The Chicago band played Roskilde Festival that same year and charmed everyone who listened.

Now, Whitney are back for more. A new album has just seen the light of day, and the band returns to Roskilde Festival.

Whitney is a charming acquaintance on a live stage. The velvety vocals are delivered by Ehrlich from behind the drums, and the duo format expands to a seven-piece who play rich arrangements around Whitney’s soulful mournings. No wonder their shows have been described as “transcendental”.

Whitney released their sophomore album Forever Turned Around in August 2019. Across 10 songs, Ehrlich and Kakacek continuously navigate questions of mortality, doubt, love and friendship in a grand scope. On a single from early 2019 they even managed to make a Dolly Parton song their own. It only seemed like the obvious thing to do to put out a covers albums, Candid, putting all their inspirations on full display. Ambitions and abilities match perfectly with Whitney.

It all bodes well for their show at Roskilde Festival 2021.