Sunday 27 June 2021
Blackened thrash and death metal from the depths below

Someone, turn off the lights! The only light shining will come from the hellish flames of Danish newcomers Xenoblight. Don’t stare at them for too long or you will drawn in.

On the other hand, go ahead, this is pure metal energy that should incite the best kind of riots.

Xenoblight is a five-piece band hailing from the Danish town of Silkeborg. The band rose from the ashes of former band Velociter. And after just one year of existence, they were ready to unleash a debut album upon the world. Procreation is full of whipping, fast-paced metal knockouts.

Xenoblight takes the best elements from thrash metal and mix them with ample doses of death metal and black metal. Their music is full of fat and furious riffs, speedy tempos and hellish vocals.

The band played at Roskilde Festival in 2019 where they proved that they are a no-nonsense live band. They have ambitions and a bone-crushing sound.

There’s something to look forward to for all moshing metalheads when Xenoblight plays at Summer Days.

Xenoblight performs at Summer Days on 27 June alongside Baest and Orm.

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