Freemuse’s annual report looks into violations of artistic freedom all over the world. Roskilde Festival has donated money to make such a report possible.

Imagine a world without artistic freedom. It may sound preposterous to me and you – but if you look farther out in the world it is unfortunately still not a given right in some parts.

Freemuse is an independent organisation who advocates for freedom of artistic expression and cultural diversity.

They have just published their annual report called “The State of Artistic Freedom 2021”. And it contains just what the title says.

Read the full report here

This year's report documents an analysis of 978 acts of violations of artistic freedom in 2020 in 89 countries and online spaces. 17 artists were killed, 82 were imprisoned and 133 detained.

Devastating facts which thankfully get to see the light of day due to Freemuse’s important work.

In 2019, Roskilde Festival donated DKK 1.5 million (approx. EUR 2,013,422) to Freemuse and started a three-year-long partnership with the organisation with a focus on spreading and guaranteeing art in itself as well as the possibilities of art to move and challenge us as people all over the world.

Want to learn more about Freemuse? Give their website a visit