Sounds Like Roskilde comprises of music by 38 artists, put on four orange-coloured vinyl records. The profits go directly to the artists.

Acts such as Amanda Tenfjord, Thaiboy Digital and 36 others should have played on our stages for upcoming talent, Rising and Countdown, at the cancelled Roskilde Festival 2020. That didn’t happen.

Instead, you can now buy a limited-edition vinyl box set and listen to their music at home.

vinyl record

The music by the talented artists is put on shiny orange vinyl. The title of this release is Sounds Like Roskilde (because it does!), and it contains four records in a nice box set. When you buy the box, you support the artists directly. All profits go to the artists themselves.

And as if that wasn’t enough: Everything is wrapped in Sahar Jamili's cool pen art. Sahar Jamili is a visual artist who should have exhibited at the cancelled 2020 festival. Now her sensational designs will adorn the record jackets instead.

Don't wait too long, though: We've only made 1,000 copies of this box set, and when they're gone, that’s it.

The price for Sounds Like Roskilde is DKK 400 (approx. EUR 54).

Sounds Like Roskilde is available online via the record shop Moby Disc. The box set is also available in the following Danish record shops: Beat (Copenhagen), Moby Disc (Odense), Badstuerock (Aarhus) and Vinylfreak (Roskilde).


Sounds Like Roskilde is released with financial support from the Tuborg Foundation.

Sounds Like Roskilde
38 artists
38 songs
4 orange-coloured 12” vinyl records
Playing time: 156 minutes 
Price: DKK 400 (approx. EUR 54)

Track list:
A1 Josephin Bovién - Cherry Boy
A2 Erika De Casier - Little Bit
A3 Mekdes - In Favor of You
A4 Bette - Hører dem ikke
A5 Ydegirl - I Need This
B1 Sulka - Babushka
B2 Binær - Beth
B3 Tessa - Ghetto Fabulous
B4 Kaaliyah - Blasé Blah
B5 Anansi - War Times
B6 Athletic Progression - Candy

C1 Blood Child - Shivers Home
C2 Eyes - Surf
C3 Gabestok - Træk stikket
C4 Assegai - Hydroslide
C5 Korter ì flog - Það er vindur á teppinu mínu
D1 Isolated Youth - Oath
D2 Whistler - Rev Spring
D3 Maidavale - Trance
D4 Jabba - Jabba Forever

E1 Joyce - Formskifter
E2 Jung - Blitz, baby
E3 Visitor Kane - Change That
E4 Late Verlane - Poolside
E5 Greta - Again
E6 Rigmor - Træ
F1 Ganger - Styrke
F2 Emmadop - Uppercut
F3 Amanda Tenfjord - Kill the Lonely
F4 JJ Paulo - It‘s My Turn Now
F5 Faratuben - Pari

G1 Peachlyfe - Culture Is Nature
G2 Loljud - Hjärna
G3 Ninoosh - Palms
G4 Rune Bagge - No Reason
H1 Shaam Larein - Lunar Crater
H2 Tuhaf - Ben İyiyim
H3 Himmelrum - Usynlige ven