We have teamed up with the Tuborg Foundation to push for a greener development and influence the pro-climate behaviour in us all. Soon, 200 entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to test and develop green solutions among the festival-goers.

The Circular Lab 
is the name of our new five-year partnership with the Tuborg Foundation.

Circular solutions include designing long-lasting products or developing models for rights of use of a product.

For example, you may rent a used tent in the future instead of buying a new one every year. Or perhaps you purchase a durable tarp made of recycled materials instead of the (disposable) white gazebo.

In short: Circularity is simply about designing the waste out of the equation.

And the lab underlines the fact that the festival is a huge laboratory filled with people and opportunities, where we test solutions and challenge our habits and behaviour together.

When we are all together, Roskilde Festival is comparable to life in a larger city (in fact, the 'population' of 130,000 people corresponds to Denmark's fourth largest city), and the temporariness makes the festival community a special platform to test new sustainable solutions on.

Solutions that have the potential to change our behaviour in a more climate-friendly direction – even in the world outside the festival city.

So, what happens now?

We’re starting out in the spring.

Over the next five years, at least 200 young entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to lead the way and develop green and circular products and concepts of the future.

Entrepreneurs gain access to knowledge, professional networks, other companies and potential investors who can take their solutions onwards and create a greater business foundation.

We have a shared responsibility to end the throw-away culture and to inspire future generations to more sustainable behaviour.

We therefore hope that the future solutions of the laboratory will also contribute to a significant reduction of waste at the festival and that they will spread to changes in the surrounding society.

The Tuborg Foundation has granted DKK 7,565,000 (approx. EUR 1 million) to the Circular Lab. The biggest grant in 2020.

If you are an entrepreneur and curious about the possibilities of having Roskilde Festival as your future playground and test laboratory, you can read much more about the background and terms here.