Buy donation tickets
When you buy a ticket to Roskilde Festival and participate in the festival, you support the opportunities and communities of children and young people. The festival is basically a fundraising event where all the profits are donated in full to charitable projects.

In the same way, it is possible to buy donation tickets and merchandise for 'Roskilde Festival – do it yourself' and thereby ensuring that Roskilde Festival can support young voices this year as well.

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The summer of 2020 will not be without new musical experiences from Roskilde Festival even though the event will not take place this week. This Friday and Saturday, the festival releases two unique mini concerts, recorded using AR technology for a new concert format. 

There will be a few musical features after all this week when Roskilde Festival should have taken place.

In the absence of a real, physical festival, Roskilde Festival helps festival-goers create their own festivals at home under the name 'Roskilde Festival – do it yourself'.

Read more about Roskilde Festival - do it yourself here.

This Friday and Saturday, it is possible to experience two brand-new mini concerts with two Danish young rappers, Tessa and Artigeardit. It all takes place through the 'Roskilde Festival DIY Concerts' app which presents a brand-new concert format for the smartphone.

Live music in augmented reality
Using augmented reality technology, the app combines live footage with the user's own environment. Using the screen on your mobile phone, you can place either of the performers anywhere and watch them perform on the lawn, in the living room, on the beach etc.

You can create the stage and framework you want for your own concert experience with your friends, and you can step onto the stage and perform "together" with the two rappers and share the performance afterwards.

'Roskilde Festival DIY Concerts' has been developed in collaboration with the digital agency Tokerød Plus and is available for iOS and Android. The app is free.

Download the app 'Roskilde Festival DIY Concerts' here


A step-by-step guide to Roskilde Festival DIY concerts

1. Open the app and choose the concert you want to experience.

2. Turn silent OFF and turn up your volume.

3. Find a nice spot – preferably with plenty of space – and scan the room around you so you can see the area being highlighted.

4. Tap your screen and let the show begin. Use the white button to take a picture while you're performing right next to the artists. Use your phone's screen recording if you want it on video.

5. Photos and video are automatically saved on your phone so you can share your experience. When sharing, remember to mention #RF20 or @roskildefestival.