Do you have a ticket you want to transfer to next year, do you want a refund – or are you looking for available tickets to Roskilde Festival 2022? Read more about it below.

These days, focus is on the big ticket puzzle. Tickets to the cancelled Roskilde Festival 2021 will now be transferred to 2022.

All ticket buyers have the option to keep their tickets – and if they choose to do so the tickets will automatically be transferred to the 2022 festival. This includes Special Camping tickets.

Sunday 6 June is the last day to make the choice between transferring your ticket or to have it refunded. We have sent information about this on e-mail to all ticket buyers.

Request ticket refund

After this date, we offer all refunded tickets and Special Camping products to those on our waiting lists.

Refunded one-day tickets, however, will not be put up for sale until later in the 2022 season.

Waiting list sign-up
If you want to buy a Full Festival Ticket or a Special Camping product for Roskilde Festival 2022, you must sign up for the waiting lists.

If you have previously signed up for the waiting list for 2021 tickets, you are automatically registered for the 2022 list as well.

No matter when you sign up for the waiting lists, you have an equal opportunity to buy. No one is at the front of the queue – everyone is notified at the same time.

Sign up for the waiting lists

Sale of refunded tickets
Sale of refunded tickets to those on the waiting lists will start afterwards, as soon as possible (we’ll let you know about the exact time). If you're keen to buy, please be ready on the clock. Tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

Special Camping for those of you who want to live together
If you are a large group of people who want to live close to each other and therefore need several spaces/tents, you have to buy your Special Camping products as part of the same order. If this is not possible, we kindly ask you to collect your orders and fill out this form after your purchases, where you will provide your names, e-mails and ticket order numbers. Then we'll do what we can to help.