We have to meet this summer. We need to experience the festival community and get a bit of the Roskilde atmosphere. That's why we have created Summer Days. A different event series for different times.

Grab your summer clothes and start massaging your senses starving for experiences because we're going to an event series.

It takes place in Roskilde, it is organised by Roskilde Festival.

We call it Summer Days. 

The size is different from what we are used to because the current circumstances restrict us from gathering that many people. 

But we will gather the ones we are permitted to – because we all need to be together again. We need to feel the energy from Roskilde Festival. And we hope that you will join us!

Divided over two long weekends (Thursday 24 June—Sunday 27 June, and Thursday 1 July—Sunday 4 July), you'll get over 40 artists within music, street art, activism and performance. There will be delicious food and cold drinks in the grass. And you can move freely about once you've stepped through the entrance.

At Summer Days, you can experience some of the best music Denmark has on offer right now. You can experience the hip-hop veterans in Suspect and recent rap sensations such as Tessa and Branco. There's Danish-language pop and rock with Jung and Joyce, roaring metal experiences with ORM and Baest and modern R&B from Erika de Casier and Smerz. And much more!

Summer Days consist of eight individual days with each their individual programme.

See the full programme here 

A corner of the festival
We’re using a corner of Roskilde Festival which you will recognise if you have been here before. The stage the artists will perform on is Gloria – known from Roskilde Festival.

True to the Roskilde style, graffiti artists will decorate the area. Between concerts, speakers such as Anna JuulCaspar EricMoeisha Ali Aden and the Green Student Movement will frame the zeitgeist from the stage.

All in all, you will get the best festival within the framework of what is possible right now. With focus on today's stars, the growth segment, the young voices and attitudes and the solid community.

Purchase of ticket 
The festival site is divided into sections according to the current restrictions (let’s just pretend that it is like being in the pit, in front of the Orange Stage). And you decide for yourself through your ticket purchase whether you want to be at the very front or in the back section.

You can purchase separate tickets for all days. However, it is not possible to buy a full festival ticket that includes all days.

Tickets cost DKK 425-495 (approx. EUR 57/66) and are on sale right now.

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