The Summer Days guests will be the first ones to taste the organic version of Grøn Tuborg. This launch also means that the draft beers at next year's Roskilde Festival will be 100 % organic.

For years, Grøn Tuborg has been widely available at Roskilde Festival. Together with Tuborg, we are now taking things a step further in the transition to a fully organic supply. 

When the first guests arrive tomorrow at our new event series, Summer Days, they can drop by the bar and be the first ones to take a sip of the brand-new, organic type of Grøn Tuborg. 

After the Summer Days premiere, the lager classic becomes available at other events throughout the Danish summer. 

And next summer – when we meet again at Roskilde Festival – all draft beers that will be organic. 

The organic beer journey began with Tuborg RÅ at the festival in 2015 and then with the premiere of the organic lager Tuborg Orange, which was brewed exclusively for Roskilde Festival in 2019.  

We think that tomorrow's premiere and the prospect of even more festival organics next summer is a huge step in our sustainable development. 
Tuborg tells us that in developing the organic beer type, they have done everything they can to present the same fresh taste experience that we know from the original Grøn Tuborg.  
They describe the organic version as medium-rich and lively, and the pleasant and soft hop bitterness of the aftertaste increases its thirst-quenching effect. 

So, we hope that all of you, with whom we will soon meet at Summer Days, will embrace the new edition of the classic festival beer. 
Summer Days is our new event series at the festival site in Roskilde. Over eight summer days, the attendees will meet up for concerts, street art, activism and performances, and they will experience a long-lost bit of the special atmosphere that characterises Roskilde Festival. 

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