Last updated 20. oct. 2020

We are now looking towards 2021. But what kind of future can we expect when it comes to meeting up at Roskilde Festival?

At this time of the season, we would normally be busy preparing for next year's festival bash. Our bookers would be ready with the first batch of music acts, and ticket sales would be just around the corner.

And you might still feel the buzz from all the summer’s concerts and art experiences.

But nothing is normal right now. Covid-19 remains a serious threat to health worldwide, and no one doubts that the prospect of major events in 2021 is uncertain.

This is a serious and sad situation. However, as in the spring we will not let ourselves be ruled by worries, and we will not rule out the festivals and other major events at this point.

The overall non-profit company behind Roskilde Festival is financially affected as a direct consequence of the corona crisis just like we – like others in our industry – see a decline in the work we’re doing when not working on Roskilde Festival.

Consequently, we have been forced to reduce the (paid) employed part of the organisation (Roskilde Kulturservice), which is now about 1/3 smaller since the lockdown last spring, as a result of terminations, contract expirations without extensions etc.

However, this does not affect the possibilities of making a Roskilde Festival in 2021.

We know that many of you have a lot of questions for us. Here we will try to answer the most frequently asked.

The circumstances for meeting in large groups are constantly changing, thus we will update this page regularly.

We expect to create yet another edition of Roskilde Festival in 2021. However, probably not in the way that we usually do it. The world is a different place and the situation is constantly changing.

Right now, some health experts say that large festivals in 2021 are unlikely, while others think that it is too early to cancel next summer’s events.

We choose to stick to the hope that the festivals can take place next year. Therefore, we are in the process of establishing new professional collaborations in order to create a new and safe environment next year.

During the shutdown in Denmark earlier this year, we were very far in planning all the details of the 2020 edition of Roskilde Festival. We can return to that plan very quickly if the authorities permit larger assemblies. In other words, we are not going to start over at the last minute.

We have years of experience in producing large and safe events in complex environments and in close cooperation with the authorities.

We are currently in the process of establishing new professional collaborations. We do this in order to gain new knowledge about how organizers can ensure a new and safe environment in the coming year's festival season.

Among other initiatives we are part of a steering group lead by the association for festivals and concert houses, Dansk Live. In this, counting several of the major festivals of Denmark, we are working on creating solutions for festivals and other large events to be held – even in Corona-times.

Similarly we and other major international festivals are part of a European collaboration with the same purpuse.

Already in June, we announced the first 32 artists for the upcoming festival. Although we have not yet decided when the next ones will follow, you can be sure to discover them all by following our news channels.

You will have the opportunity to get the ticket refunded if the event is cancelled in its entirety. A possible refund will depend on the specific circumstances of the cancellation, and we will contact all ticket buyers about the options if we are unable to carry through with the festival.

Roskilde Festival 2021 is sold out, and we are extremely grateful for your trust and support. The ticket sales mean that we have a strong foundation to get through the difficult time, and we will continue the work of preparing the 50th edition of Roskilde Festival.

The cancellation in 2020 means that The Roskilde Festival Charity Society is unable to meet its most important purpose as a fundraising event; namely to donate all proceeds to projects benefiting children and young people. This affects several organizations and initiatives both in and outside Denmark.

The consequences for the hundreds of associations and organizations that organize stalls or provide service on the festival site are major. Many base parts of their operation and development on the earnings from the festival.

The cancellation affects the artists and their crew who are hit very hard by the shutdown. Also, all the cultural partners, suppliers and organizations that contribute with content and production have lost earnings and the opportunity to create visibility and relationships that benefit their work.

Roskilde Festival is a fundraising event. The Roskilde Festival Charity Society promotes a festival with the purpose of raising money for charity work for children and young people. We donate all proceeds to charity every year, and we do not have major savings to draw on.

When the charity society creates a new festival, the costs are covered by e.g. ticket revenue for the year and partner contributions. Financially, each individual festival is a closed circuit and it is not possible to cover a significant loss with previous years' profits.

Financially, we start from zero every year so to speak.

The governmental aid package for organisers of cancelled events helps us cover the expenses in relation to the festival that should have been in 2020. But the main non-profit company has been financially affected, and the other aid packages don’t help sufficiently. That’s why we have been forced to downsize the organisation.

Not at all. No matter how serious the prospects - both the health and the economic - may be at the moment, the festival will return whenever possible in the future.

The need to gather in communities and celebrate great art and music is intact in society, and we look forward to being able to do what we do best.

As a non-profit association, the support from all volunteers means everything, and we need you more than ever to show your support. You can do this by becoming a member of The Roskilde Festival Charity Society.

Anyone who has volunteered at the festival both in 2019 and up to the 2020 festival can become members of the charity society.

If you register before 18 September, you can attend this year's general assembly on 8 October.