Almost everyone chooses to hold on to their Roskilde Festival ticket.

Wow, we are amazed!

94 % of all ticket holders have chosen to transfer their ticket to the festival in 2022. That's what the numbers show after we passed the ticket transfer deadline last Sunday.

And thank you so much for that! We are incredibly pleased with your support. This means that the financial foundation for next year's festival is quite solid.

Remaining tickets will be up for sale in the autumn
This also means that we only have few tickets yet to sell. They will be offered to those on our waiting list in the autumn.

We expect that the demand will exceed the supply to a significant degree. So, it is a good idea to sign up for our waiting list if you are interested in buying a ticket.

Sign up for the waiting list here. Everyone on the waiting list will be notified when the remaining 2022 tickets are put up for sale. You're not at the back of the queue if you are the last to sign up. Everyone has the same opportunity, and then it's first come, first served.