When you can’t meet up at Roskilde Festival, we suggest you create your own festival at home. We encourage all Roskilde fans to make a big splash on 3 July. You can even win tickets to 2022.

Last year, when we couldn’t get together at Roskilde Festival, we encouraged you to create your own do-it-yourself festival at home.

And what a spectacle it was! It was fantastic to see how the spirit of Roskilde Festival was recreated in homes all over.

This year, we’re still unable to conduct a Roskilde Festival, so we suggest that you pull another round of festivals in your own homes.

Mark the date 3 July – and win tickets
So, mark the date 3 July 2021, which is the day that should have been the cluminating closing day at Roskilde Festival. It seems like an obvious day to throw a Roskilde party!

Gather your camp mates, pretty up the place, dress yourself in the most festival-like clothing and throw the best festival party you can. You are the experts whne it comes to making the perfect camp and festival atmosphere.

And we want to give some tickets to Roskilde 2022 to those who do an extra good job! info about this later on.

Remember the wristband
No festival without a genuine Roskilde wristband. In collaboration with Wood Wood, we have produced a support wristband which you can purchase for DKK 200 (approx. EUR 27). The money goes in full to future Roskilde Festivals. Purchase here