Because of COVID-19, Roskilde Festival Charity Society had to postpone its annual general assembly from April to October. On Thursday 8 October, the financial result of the 2019 festival was finally presented. The festival generated a profit of EUR 2.44 million (DKK 18.2 million) which has been donated to charitable initiatives benefiting children and young people. Traders and service associations made a profit of EUR 4.23 million (DKK 31.5 million).

At a time before anyone gave any thought to assembly bans, 130,000 people gathered in Roskilde for eight days of communal celebration through contemporary art, activism and gastronomy. Meanwhile, music headliners like Cardi B, Robyn, Travis Scott and Bob Dylan brought generations together in front of the Orange Stage.

On Thursday 8 October, Roskilde Festival Charity Society had its general assembly where the financial result following the 2019 festival was presented.

It made a profit of EUR 2.44 million (DKK 18.2 million) which has been donated in full to non-profit and cultural initiatives.

Donations benefiting the climate, activism and diversity
As a special marker of the fact that festival #50 should have taken place in 2020, the vast majority of the profit has been distributed through an open call focusing on ‘young voices’.

Among the organisations and initiatives that have received donations are multifarious communities such as LGBT+ Ungdom (DKK 600,000/EUR 80,500), climate campaigners such as Denmark’s green think tank CONCITO (DKK 1,355,000/EUR 182,000) and artistic growth factories such as Rapolitics (DKK 500,000/EUR 67,000) and The Association for Youth Culture in Greenland (DKK 350,000/EUR 47,000).

Great year for traders and service associations
2019 was also a great year for the more than 200 associations, organisations and companies that work at the festival.

Collectively, they have made a profit of EUR 4.23 million (DKK 31.5 million).

It helps to create value that goes far beyond the festival and also helps to make a difference in the world.

Unfortunately, we do not have this opportunity now since this summer's festival was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Now, we focus on how we can carry through a Roskilde Festival in 2021. With our experience we’re looking into how we can contribute to making it safe to gather at large events, something that really bonds us as a society.

About Roskilde Festival Charity Society:

  • Roskilde Festival Charity Society is the organiser behind the event Roskilde Festival with a purpose of supporting non-profit and cultural work, with a special focus on children and young people.
  • Roskilde Festival is non-profit, and the profit goes in full to charitable causes.
  • Since the beginning in the early 70s, Roskilde Festival has donated over EUR 55 million (DKK 410 million).
  • See Roskilde Festival Charity Society's latest accounts (only available in Danish)