8 upcoming acts from the cancelled 2020 festival play mini concerts with AR technology. You're invited to set the stage. All stage creators are part of a competition for a hotel stay at Hotel Kong Arthur in Copenhagen including a very special concert experience.

In 2020, the stages disappeared. Roskilde Festival was cancelled and all the promising upcoming acts that should have played the festival lost a unique opportunity to show their worth.

Now we're bringing the stages back.

Or rather: We're bringing the live music back.

Eight names from our talent programme play live in a special app using AR technology. You run the whole thing through your smartphone.

Using augmented reality technology, the app combines live recordings with your own environment. By using the screen on your phone you can place one of the eight artists anywhere and watch them perform.

Download the app on roskil.de/app

Create a stage and win a hotel stay including concerts
What about the stage? It’s your job to make one so that the artists have something to perform on.

If you create your own stage and then place the artists on it (you can downscale them to the size of a beer can) and capture the whole thing in a screen recording and share it with us, you enter the competition for a hotel stay with an extravagant concert experience included! You decide whether you want to build/construct your own stage or find an environment that you can use as a stage – that’s entirely up to you.

Share your screen recording in our Facebook thread, on Instagram (tag us using @roskildefestival) or in an e-mail to competition@roskilde-festival.dk.

In collaboration with Tuborg and Hotel Kong Arthur in Copenhagen, we offer 15 prizes consisting of the following:

  • Accommodation for two people on 12 - 13 March 2021, including Tuborg beers, dinner and breakfast
  • Concerts* with upcoming artists from our 2020 programme

Submit your contribution by 7 February at the latest.

*The concerts are performed in a closed courtyard environment so that you experience them from the balcony connected to your hotel room. In this way, we ensure distance and a responsible event.
Disclaimer: In case the restrictions render it impossible to carry through the concerts on 12 March, we'll try to move them to another date – and if this is not possible we'll find another prize. 

Download the app on roskil.de/app

The app is part of 'Sounds Like Roskilde', which is our initiative to generate attention to the upcoming acts who should have played at the festival. They are also featured on a 4xlp boxset. Read more on roskil.de/soundslikeroskilde

Sounds Like Roskilde is made i collaboration with Tuborg and the Tuborg Foundation.