Beyond the festival
Summer Days is approaching and it's time for you to start planning your route to the festival site. This is an enriched guide for how to get to and from Summer Days with extra experiences in along the way!

Please note: This tour takes a point of departure in a opening hour at 17:30. If you have tickets to shows during the day where the area opens at 12:00, you can pick your own experiences from this guide or perhaps walk the route backwards after you have attended Summer Days.

You have bought a ticket to Summer Days with show start at 17:30.

11:00. You arrive by train to Roskilde Station, abd you will notice the lack of sack trucks and tinned food. You walk down the platform and through the tunnel towards Jernbanegade.

11:05-13:30: Now you're heading out on an art walk. Inspired by the bubble as a temporary demarcated world where common social norms have dissolves and are redefined, the Museum of Contemporary Art, in collaboration with us, has filled the city with art bubbles. 14 artists from the studio community 51Cth have created brand-new works of art for the city of Roskilde. You now have the opportunity to make your way past some of them as you head towards the festival site.

If you have the time and desire, you can also take the full route which starts in the northern part of the city at Roskilde Harbour.

See and download the map of the entire art route here

Selecteded ‘art stops’ on the way to the festival site

4 art stops with a route length of 2.3 km – click here for directions via Google Maps.

The first stop on the route from Roskilde Station is the piece re:prʘductiʘn by artist Silas Inoue – marked with no. 11 on the art map. The work is located inside and near the cooling tower behind the old slaughterhouse on Køgevej 5. Walk along Jernbanegade and behind the Station Centre (next to Føtex).

The second stop on the route is the work Tweaked encounters by artist Christine Overvad Hansen – marked with no. 12 on the art map. The work is located on the path along Ringparken, close to the city court of Roskilde. Watch out for three cart-like sculptures.

The third stop on the route is piece no. 14, Ui, by artist Viktor-Emil Dupont Billund. The artpiece can be found on the lawn behind the city hall, along the Musicon path. The piece is a kind of membrane between the human and the digital world.

The last stop before a coffee break is the piece Fra et støvfyldt bryst (‘from a dusty chest’) by artist Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen. The piece is located in the Musicon district (on the corner between Lydmuren and Rabalderstræde, next to Aaben Dans). Here you will walk into Roskilde Library and head towards the newspaper reading area. Here you will find the sculpture made of gravel and sound

Explore the creative district of Musicon

13:30-14:30: Musicon is well on its way to becoming an adventurous district with a vibrant urban environment – a gathering place for musical and creative businesses in Roskilde. Here you can take a coffee break, lunch break or enjoy a good beer from one of the many exciting stalls located inside containers.

14:30-17:00: Your art route doesn't end here because in Musicon you'll find RagnaRock, the museum of pop, rock and youth Culture. Here you can visit a special Roskilde Festival exhibition. What better way to start your festival day than to get a little nostalgic. In the exhibition you can find historical Roskilde Festival items, relive some of the greatest concert experiences and learn more about the festival's origins and activist starting point. In other words, you will be able to delve into everything that Roskilde Festival is and has been through for the past 50 years. You can also unleash your creative skills in LEGO. Ragnarock invites you to build the festival site with those brightly coloured bricks.

Towards to festival site

17:00-17:30: The time has come for you to move towards the festival site. From the Musicon district there is a 15-minute walk to the site which you will find at Darupvej 19.

The site opens at 17:30. There are two entrances. Your ticket shows which entrance you have to use. There may be queues at the entrances, so start moving along in good time.

Summer Days is underway! Enjoy!

... On your way home from Summer Days back towards Roskilde Station you can make just one more stop on the art route. The piece A Voyage Subjected to Joy by artist Kirke Hundevad Meng can only be experienced between 21:30 and 03:00. The piece can be found on the city hall wall (the old building). The piece has no. 13 on the art route.