Roskilde Festival 2021 will not happen either. If you want to support us during a difficult time, you can buy a specially designed support wristband – made in collaboration with Wood Wood.

It didn't hurt any less to be cancelled the second time. Together with all you thousands of festival-goers and volunteers, we were looking so much forward to meeting up again.

It also hurts financially to be cancelled for the second year in a row.

Fortunately, we experience a great love from our surroundings. Many have asked us if there is a way to support Roskilde Festival.

There certainly is.

In collaboration with Wood Wood, we have produced a special wristband for these difficult times. This is the time when we long for Roskilde Festival, when we miss it and when we recall all the great memories. It's the combination of the orange love and the blue melancholy.

When you buy a support wristband for the price of DKK 200 (approx. EUR 27), the money will go in full to Roskilde Festival. You can buy the wristband in Wood Wood stores in Aarhus or Copenhagen or at our secretariat in Roskilde (Havsteensvej 11, Roskilde – Monday-Wednesday and Friday at 13-15). The sale is open from Monday 10 May.

You can also buy it online already now and have it shipped. Have a look at