Together with psychologists from the University of Copenhagen, we want to examine how you think and feel about the upcoming Roskilde Festival. This is essential in relation to the possibility of conducting a festival during a pandemic.

We are currently in a situation where we don’t know whether we’re permitted to carry through a Roskilde Festival in 2021.

And if we are, under which circumstances will it take place?

How do you – who have planned to attend the festival either as ticket buyers or as volunteers – feel about attending a festival that could be characterised by certain limitations due to the coronavirus?

What would you look forward to, and what would you worry about? How would you expect yourself and others to behave at the festival?

We’re doing a survey so we can hear more about what you think about these questions.

We have joined forces with researchers professor Thomas Morton, PhD, and assistant professor Séamus Anthony Power, PhD, both from the Department of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen. Together, we have prepared a survey that aims to map out how you and your fellow festival-goers feel about possibly attending Roskilde Festival this year.

If you have purchased a ticket or are registered as an active volunteer for the upcoming festival, we have sent you an e-mail, inviting you to participate in the survey.

We assume you have different positions regarding this, and we would like to shed light on them all. And we would love to receive responses from as many participants as possible. 

The survey is, of course, anonymous, and it will help us and others in the cultural industry

We will share the results of the survey with the public as soon as the data has been analysed. The final results will also form part of further research and teaching.