The dome is the new meeting place for the cultural life and creative societies of Roskilde. You can be a part of the opening when the mini festival Bobler LIVE! opens for performances and workshops in the name of art.

Domen ('the dome') is the name of the 9-metres-tall, glass-covered and dome-shaped meeting place which we have just set up in the creative quarter of Roskilde called Musicon.

The quarter already hosts Roskilde Festival Højskole, Ragnarock, the local theatre Aaben Dans and offers everything from rehearsal rooms, makerspace, youth club, climbing park, skatepark to lots of cosy shops.

With the new meeting place, which can accommodate up to 150 people, the creative societies and cultural players of the city now get a physical meeting place where you can get together for exhibitions, performances, music or debates.

The dome was planned to open at the cancelled 50th Roskilde Festival in 2020 as a platform and a display window for a number of the cultural players of Roskilde.

But whne we can't make a festival, we can contribute with meeting places elsewhere in Roskilde instead and thereby mark how the city of Roskilde buzzes of creative forces year round.

Opening with bubbles

You can see the dome for yourself in the weekend of 3–4 July when The Museum of Contemporary Art invites you to the mini art festival Bobler LIVE!

The programme offers two days of talks, performances and workshops. See the full programme here. Everything is free of charge.

You find the dome right behind Roskilde Festival Højskole in the western end of Musicon.

The dome is developed and financed by The Roskilde Festival Charity Soceity and set up at Musicon by the festival's volunteer construction team.