Friday 1 July 2022
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Sonic alchemist builds mystical and abstract worlds

Aïsha Devi has a unique skill. She can extend the resonance of her vocal cords. Her special vocal skills are digitalised and combined with mystical grooves they turn into what can be called abstract electronic music.

The Swiss electronic producer has intertwined her experimental computer compositions with her meditation practice. She doesn’t make dance music. She makes music that sounds like the body forgetting itself, losing feeling in the extremities as mind and breath conjoin.

She aims to induce meditative states and to seize on the communal potential of a club experience.

Like contemporaries Holly Herndon and Arca, Devi would rather denature established song forms than adhere to them.

Through her releases on Houndstooth and her own label, Danse Noire, she explores the potential for deeper meaning and intention in electronic music.

You can dance to it. You can float along to it. You can kiss and hug to it. It’s built for multiple purposes. And it will certainly make you feel something. Maybe even lost.