Thursday 30 June 2022

Plays as part of the Thursday programme

Watch out! This Californian band delivers the hardest, fastest og most muscular music in this year’s Roskilde lineup.

First of all, nope, this isn’t the famous band from down under. But we’re definitely still on the highway to hell!

ACxDC is short for Antichrist Demoncore.

They are anything but subtle. They play powerviolence which is an extremely dissonant and fast subgenre of hardcore punk closely related to thrashcore and grindcore. Yup, that means that it’s hard, tough and really, really fast.

Founded in 2003, the Los Angeles band have never shied away from controversy. Whether that’s releasing graphic anti-religious covers (e.g. “He Had It Coming”) or delivering unrelenting unapologetic music covering topics of satanism, straight-edge and veganism mixed with a dark sense of humour, ultimately producing what are quintessential traits and topics of the band.

The four-piece has released two rage-filled full lengths (not that they’re that ‘full’, one is 20 minutes, the other 23, leaving you gasping for air while reaching for that replay button!) plus an almost uncountable amount of singles, split EPs, demos and live recordings, all of which share their global and personal points of view in a pissed-off, mosh-pit-inducing social commentary consisting of muscular songs.

ACxDC does a lot within the confines of songs that are only a minute or two long – not only lyrically and vocally, but also in terms of song structure. The riffs-per-minute gauge is off the charts. The band intersperses plenty of groove amidst break-neck speeds, however impossible that may sound (just give “Gorged” a listen, for instance).

Translate all of this to a live stage and you probably have an idea of the intensity. It’s immense, we’ll tell you! It calls for moshpits, flailing limbs and boiling temperatures. And you’ll feel so uplifted afterwards!