Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Pop music in minor, carried by keyboards and thoughtful lyrics

Afskum translates to scum. The name exudes wickedness. According to the dictionary, a scum is a very bad person. And the name sort of sounds like a metal band.

Nothing could be further from reality.

Instead, imagine keyboard-dominated pop songs in minor, delivered by a charming sniffling voice that sings regretful lyrics from a thoughtful mind. It's music that flows easily but has a heavy weight.

The artist behind Afskum is Prince Askar who sings his stories about life as a young person. He started the project in 2018.

Afskum hasn't released anything official yet, but it's worth spending some time listening to the demos uploaded to Afsky's Soundcloud page. They will give you a rough idea of the fascinating sound that Afskum has.

So, If you need a thoughtful hour while swaying a little to the pulse of music, don't miss out on Afskum at Roskilde Festival.