Friday 1 July 2022
Multi-media rap collective picking up speed and turning heads for their versatility


First rule of Avant-Garde Club is: You do talk about Avant-Garde Club.

Actually, we’re sure there are no rules as such in this club – or rap collective, rather – but we definitely should talk about them.

AG Club, as they are abbreviated, is picking up attention and acknowledgment for their versatile sound and offbeat, self-made visuals.

They have seen a meteoric rise over the past couple of years, growing from underground scene erupters in the Bay Area in the US to being a club everyone wants to be a member of (just ask A$AP Ferg).

There are about 14 members of the club, its core members being producer/vocalist Loui, rapper/writer Jody Fontaine, guitarist/vocalist Mick Anthony, vocalist/designer Baby Boy and designer/video director Manny.

Together, they create music, lyrics and productions that pay homage to their favourite artists, video games and films, yet it all sounds wholly original. You can catch hints of alternative rap collectives like Odd Future and A$AP Mob – but everything is presented through AG Club’s own lense.

The infectious hip-hop anthem "Memphis" (from the EP Halfway off the Porch) was a kickstarter as it quickly racked up high streaming numbers. The EP as a whole contains both atmospheric confessionals and swaggering bangers. AG Club is all over the map – but coherently so.

In 2021, the club released its debut album in two parts. It’s called Fuck Your Expectations, and that really describes their modus operadi: expect nothing but prepare for everything. AG Club are doing their own thing with a sprawling all-you-can-eat dynamic.

On stage they are like a fireball. The energy that this group throws at their audience is returned tenfold and accumulates for even more energy. Just check out this clip for some live action.

Brace yourself because the AG Club is coming our way at Roskilde Festival 2022!