Friday 1 July 2022
Gorgeous indie pop made by irresistible South African musician

Image a big bouquet of musical flowers. Alice Phoebe Lou makes her own bouquet big and beautiful with musical flowers in radiant colours: indie pop, bedroom pop, neo-folk, synth-pop, blues, jazz and more. Still, her music comes together so coherently and seemingly effortlessly.

Alice Phoebe Lou has always been a musician of the earth. She grew up on a mountainside in South Africa but made her career as a busker in Europe, later settling in Berlin, where she impressed pedestrians simply with a guitar, an amp and her enchanting vocals.

The South African musician released her debut album, Orbit, in 2016 and toured the world – and she has indeed been all over. Back in 2019, she celebrated her 101st show across four continents with the live album Live at Funkhaus.

And it was in fact a live version of her song “She” that first made the world pay attention to her. The song ended up on the soundtrack for Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story and earned Alice Phoebe Lou a place on the Oscar’s shortlist for Best Original Song.

In 2020, Alice Phoebe wrote an album, Glow, about love that is full of contrasts and heartbreaks, and which really hits all the right spots. Seeing that 2020 was a year characterised by lockdowns and the like, Alice Phoebe Lou was quick to write and record another album that same year. Child’s Play lives up to its title: it’s fun, easy and sunny (just listen to the opening song “Underworld”).

Come smell Alice Phoebe Lou’s musical flowers. They will send you to her wonderland and make you dance about.