Thursday 30 June 2022
Ghanaian rhythmic gospel invites you to a hot dance party


What do you get if you mix local Ghanaian gospel with funk and lots of grooves? The answer is a direct invitation to an unparalleled dance party!

Alogte Oho is a Ghanaian singer with a handful of records in his back catalogue. He enjoyed an nice reputation in his local Frafra region of Ghana but was completely unknown outside of his own community.

That was about to change.

On a trip to Ghana, German musician, producer and connoisseur of global music, Max Weissenfeldt, came upon Alogte Oho’s music. He fell completely in love with the warm sound and Oho's charismatic vocals. Weissenfeldt quickly signed a record deal with Oho on his label Philophon.

The first single was the sun-kissed "Zota Yinne" (2014). Its rocking backbeats appealed directly to all the reggae lovers in the world. Today, that single has become a sought-after collector's item.

In 2019, Ologte Oho released his first international record, Mam Yinne Wa. The title translates to 'God, you love me so' and refers to the essence of the music as church music. This is also how Alogte Oho discovered the power of music as a child, through singing in the local village church. He joined the church choir at an early age. So, the divine powers may have taken a shine to Alogte Oho and his music.

Mam Yinne Wa unites lots of diverse expressions in the music: There are equal parts traditional Ghanaian styles, local interpretations of funk and soul, reggae rhythms and a general West African joy of music.

Accompanied by female backup singers, brass instruments, keyboards and a swinging rhythm section, you can start preparing for a hot concert when Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy perform at Roskilde Festival for the very first time.