Wednesday 29 June 2022
Hip-hop sensation from the Ukraine

The story of Alyona Savranenko is a story of a young kindergarten teacher from a village south of Kyiv who became an overnight hip-hop sensation.

Under the stage name Alyona Alyona, she raps in her Ukrainian mother tongue. It doesn’t matter one bit if you don’t have skills in this particular linguistic area. You will be struck by the power of her delivery alone. She spits like a car revving up and rocketing off full speed until suddenly, you’re carried away.

When Alyona Savranenko first started rapping, the reaction wasn’t exactly positive. “Women should make borscht!” was the exclaimed reaction, but Savranenko was stubborn and kept at it.

Her debut single “Рибки” (‘fish’, a synonym for young women) became a viral hit in Ukraine after its release in 2018. The music video shows Savranenko, who is a plus-size, in a bathing suit cruising around a lake on a jet ski. Alyona Alyona raps humorously about what it’s like to be the “fattest fish” – and not to fit into the narrow ideal of beauty.

“Залишаю свій дім” (‘leaving my home’) has become an unofficial anthem for the many Ukrainians who want to move away from their ancestral life into a better future – whether to the EU, America or the capital Kiev. In the current war-stricken climate the song suddenly gets a different meaning!

There is something about Alyona Alyona that goes beyond her impressive looks, confident attitude, captivating flow, lyrical ability and sound quality.

Her success can simply amount to an innate sense of authenticity that gives her hip-hop personality and the street credibility that the genre thrives on.

The Ukranian rapper has toured Europe on several occasions, and her emerging musical talent is evident! Alyona Alyona is an absolute force of nature on stage. With crazy flow and groove she delivers raps without any bling and pomp and describes in her songs the unembellished situation of the young generation of her homeland.