Friday 1 July 2022
Three big talents make a move onto the Arena stage

This year, three upcoming talents move into our Arena stage. Three artists who have grown artistically in a short time span and all of whom share a stage presence that reaches all the way to the back of the Arena tent canvas. That's why we've dedicated an afternoon slot to the talented sounds of Amina, FVN and Sosa, who will deliver lots of attitude, edgy tunes and a great live energy.

Amina plays silky-smooth R&B which also packs a punch with elements from pop and hip-hop and has just the right attitude to get the message across. The Danish-Somali singer moves through the full spectrum of emotion in her songs – she has songs for late-night binging with friends, Sunday downers and self-confidence boosts. Amina is one who breaks social patterns, one who inspires all women and one who sings to make a difference.

The first time Amina made a name for herself was with the track ”Winter Season” on which she had Danish bigwig Gilli as a guest. She followed up with the EP Black Butterfly, which lived up to all the great promises made by her early singles.

Sosa is an aspiring Danish-Nigerian rapper with attitude and with a mission. Sosa grew up in the Copenhagen suburb of Ishøj. On the Danish music scene she saw no one with a skin colour as dark as her own. She knew from a very young age that she wanted to play music but she found no Danish role models who were like her. Sosa has taken that upon her as her mission. She wants to be that role model.

Together with her regular producer ShokoBeats, she creates an expression that is equal parts attitude and raw talent, with tales from the street and dreams of the future. In 2021, she released the EP This Is..., which contains a handful of songs that show exactly who Sosa is with raw street poetry.

FVN (pronounced Feven which is also her civil name) is a Danish-Eritrean rapper who contributes to the definition of the word 'attitude'. She is simply fab and flippant at the same time. And she's self-made!

In a short time, she has gotten airplay on radio station P3 in both Denmark and Sweden and received significant publicity in a number of leading magazines.

In 2020, she released her debut EP Twenty Sexy Playlist, which features one quoteable line after another, a cocky and cheeky universe, a distinctly US sound (she raps flawlessly in English) and lots of hooks and solid beats. On her new single ” Sleep” she shows that she can sing as well.