- Saturday 3 July 2022

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Have a seat on an enlarged and mutated uterus in Anna Aagaard Jensen’s WombRoom.

In the foyer of the Gloria stage, you can encounter a strange sight.

Here, artist Anna Aagaard Jensen has created WombRoom – a uterus that has mutated and given life to a majority of ovaries.

To make life and new relations flourish, you can meet your fellow festival-goers as wandering eggs.

With the installation Anna Aagaard Jensen is celebrating mothering, care and reproduction, and elevates these values to gain solidarity between the generations in the next 50 years.

Experience the WombRoom with your body while learning about a life-giving organ of the body.

Anna Aagaard Jensen (b. 1991) is a Danish artist who lives and works in Eindhoven in Holland and exhibits all over the world with her radical feminist designs. She creates sculptural objects with a focus on the representation of women, the female body and femininity as she sees and experiences it. Anna Aagaard Jensen has a bachelor's degree in furniture from KADK (The Royal Danish Academy) and an MA degree in fine arts & design from Design Academy Eindhoven, 2019.