Wednesday 29 June 2022
Singer-songwriter mines complicated feelings with dark humour and an unforgettable voice

Music runs in the blood of Anna B Savage. Throughout her childhood, she attended the Bach Proms at the Royal Albert Hall every year on her birthday because her parents, classical singers each, were always booked to perform at the event.

She has picked up a lot of influences along the way. Just give her early EP Live at Cafe Oto from 2015 a listen (here). It introduced her sonorous and vulnerable voice and a handful of songs that didn’t really sound like anything else. And it gave her success – but also a writer’s block and difficulties finding herself as a creative artist. She went off the grid for a few years.

Fortunately, she found the right track again. Together with producer and musician William Doyle, She spent three years making her debut album A Common Turn. It’s full of dramatic songs about self-discovery and vulnerability. In the end, you hear the first album from a great artist.

Close your eyes and listen. You’ll hear earnest acoustic guitar picking and rattling electronic production – and that truly stunning voice that could stop traffic. She sings in a way that makes it feel that she is in the same room as you.

Now, take all of this to a live stage. We’ve witnessed how an audience is stunned into beautiful silence and how jaws are scrapping the floor.

Anna B Savage can switch from electric to acoustic guitar and be just as powerful and enthralling solo as with a full band.

Anna B Savage is an artist not to be missed. Not if you’re interested in the power of the voice and song. That’s all it takes for this artist to really enchant you.