Sunday 26 June 2022
Meet musicians and debaters who will discuss representation in the Danish music industry. The talk is organised by the society Another Life who is behind an award-winning study on the same subject.

The music industry has a responsibility to ensure that a lot of different people can take example from musicians and artists on stage, in social media, in music videos, on the radio and many other places.

Another Life knows all about this. The society has presented negative conclusions from a study on representation in the Danish music industry. It shows that women and minorities experience much more discrimination in the music industry than white men. This important work has won Another Life ‘the initiative award’ at the Danish music critics' award Steppeulven.

Now, we will start up a conversation in a talk format at Flokkr where we get to hear from the artists as well as from their audience why representation is important – and which effect it has when you can't recognise yourself in the artists and musicians.

The talk will be curated and moderated by Another Life. The conversation invites four participants who are artists and debaters, either as a part of Roskilde's music programme or from the debate scene.

Another Life is a non-profit society that works for increased and improved representation of minorised persons and women in the Danish music industry. Among other things, the association works with dissemination of information and collection of data to benefit and ensure the work of a music industry that must be for everyone – regardless of age, ethnicity, function, skin colour, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic background and other parameters which can cause inequality.