Wednesday 29 June 2022
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Get ready for a four-hours-long party in the company of the club connoisseurs Another Name who present four sharp DJs.

Another Name is the name of the booking agency affiliated with the Copenhagen-based safer space club Ved Siden Af. They represent a wide selection of talented acts.

Ved Siden Af is a club made as a free space. The place is designed in a labyrinthine fashion making a point out of getting lost in the hazy party atmosphere.

Perhaps the same thing will happen at their party night at Roskilde Festival 2022 where Another Name presents a handful of artists who will kickstart a four-hours-long party in our special hang-out place Ambereum.

Look forward to meeting:

James Lotion is a Copenhagen-based Dutch DJ and a co-founder of the queer and trans DJ collective Sweat who focus on creating safer dance floors at club nights in Copenhagen and Malmö. James Lotion has a genre-bending and eclectic approach to DJing and is inspired by raw and experimental Dutch 90s techno, adventurous club sounds and queer house. Look forward to a set as much for the body as for the mind.

CTRLS (pronounced ’controls’) is Troels Knudsen, an electronic musician who has operated under this moniker since 2012. Since his first release, he has built on a unique style that has drawn attention among top-circuit DJs and dancing crowds on the floor. CTRLS has a fast-paced and futuristic style and a great love of techno. He has previously performed on the Countdown stage in 2018.

Neri J is the founder of the Vortex CPH parties which focuses on the faster and harder side of techno music. She is also a resident dj at Ved Siden Af. Neri J’s music breaks the boundaries between techno and genres like acid and trance. Hard hitting, with high intensity and never resting in her delivery, these are the trademarks of one of Copenhagen’s rising stars.

High Future is a Berlin-based DJ and producer from Seoul, South Korea. High Future’s sets are flowy yet intense, energetic and vibrant. High Future draws inspiration from old-school trance and trippy yet groovy techno. However, while playing the artist is never limiting herself to a certain genre. Abundance of quality selections is the main trait of this passionate musician.