Monday 27 June 2022
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Be a part of composing a tuneful and powerful protest song


Come on inside our protest song workshop, hosted by The Workers Museum (‘Arbejdermuseet’). It takes place in the container by Flokkr on Sunday 26 June at 10-17.

Here, you can be involved in a co-creative project to develop a protest song fitting for the year 2022.

Protest songs are about expressing wishes, dreams and struggles for change – and they are often about creating solidarity and unity around a cause.

First, we unload all our ideas and dreams, opinions and values and specific takes on the most important causes to fight for and changes to create in 2022 and in the future.

In the workshop, you can find inspiration from protest songs of the past, going back to the workers' songs that sparked a fighting spirit, strength and solidarity among workers 150 years ago.

On the following day, Monday 27 June, you will be guided through the history of protest songs. After this, Danish artist Raske Penge will give you his take on protest songs. We will also hear current protest songs from artists Klimahystaden and MC Dommedag.

All collective lyrical contributions will be collected and put together by RAPOLITICS who will perform the brand-new protest song. It will surely be a hit!

The Workers Museum is a special museum that conveys the workers' hard everyday lives as well as their struggles for a more diverse and multi-voiced democracy – a democracy for the many and not the few. Formation for political and activist involvement in society is part of the museum’s DNA, and the museum works on the basis of a vision to strengthen the will for an equal and just society.