Thursday 30 June 2022

Plays at part of the Thursday programme

Denmark’s perhaps hottest rapper makes another comeback at Roskilde Festival

There is a line in one of Artigeardit’s songs where he raps that you can call him ‘your favourite rapper's favourite rapper’.

Ardigeardit is not boasting. He's being honest. The line is taken from this song.

25-year-old Ardit has certainly risen through the ranks to be a favourite Danish rapper for many.

Both lyrically and musically, Artigeardit is one of the most exciting voices on the Danish rap scene right now. The lyrics tell exposing stories from the rapper's own life while rocking beats and soft melodies caress your ears.

Artigeardit balances his music just right. He manages to be the party rapper, the sensitive rapper and the tough rapper. This dynamic is solidly expressed in his by-now extensive song catalogue.

Since releasing his debut mixtape Fristelse fordærver (‘temptation spoils’) in 2016, he has gone from strength to strength. That same year he made his debut at Roskilde Festival, and he came back again every year until (and including) 2019. After an involuntary break of two years, it is once again an obvious choice to invite Artigeardit back.

Because he is an artist who is constantly growing and developing. He plays sold-out shows on the big stages, and he can now add three studio albums to his name and also a summer hit with the track "Er her" (‘am here’). His latest album, Held & lykke med komme hjem (‘good luck getting home’), has even won Artigeardit a Danish Music Award for album of the year.

When playing live Ardit really gets into character. He is a solid live artist who manages to own the stage and have the audience eat out of his hand – and he always skilfully raps some great bars. He is backed by drums, keyboard and a DJ, who add an extra dimension to the voice and energy from the front man himself.