Saturday 2 July 2022
Blue-haired pop provocateuse surfs the genres and is the new face in pop you need to see

Feeling blue? Feel blue the right way with Ashnikko. That’s in a cheery, zero-fucks way!

She is a blue-haired femdom, outfitted like a Japanese Lolita. She is loud and abrasive and definitely polarising!

Ashnikko first appeared on the viral radar in 2019 with the single “Stupid”, a venomous and effortlessly catchy dismissal of fuck boys, which launched over a million TikTok dances.

She’s since been hailed by everyone from Grimes to Miley Cyrus.

Her 2021 mixtape DEMIDEVIL builds on her popularity and cements her position as a popstar-in-the-making to be reckoned with!

In the world of Ashnikko, you can expect a variety of bangers, from bubblegum-flavoured hyperpop over pop punk to trap rap. Her unfiltered lyrics are underpinned by an innate pop sensibility, even when the songs careen between genres.

The music is also full of early noughties nostalgia. The track “L8r Boi” reworks the lyrics of Avril Lavigne’s 2002 classic and “Deal With It” samples Kelis’ “Caught Out There”.

When she plays live, she presents a wicked, weird and wonderful world (and for you doubters as to whether she is real, you bet she is!). On her latest tour, the stage was dressed up with mythical squid tentacles, and Ashnikko herself appeared as a real-life anime character.

Ashnikko’s style and music scream of protest against the norms: the heteropatriarchy, fashion, sexual norms, “manners” and the music industry. Also, she proves that emotional and energetic are not contradictive words.

Wear whichever hair colour you feel like and we’ll see you at the show at Roskilde Festival 2022!