Tuesday 28 June 2022
A sensitive genre mix from a new original

A soapbox is a platform to stand on when you want to draw attention to yourself.

Danish-Japanese Terkel Atsushi Røjle aka Atusji has a different type of soapbox. It comes in the shape of music albums.

Atusji explores where music can grow when you fertilise it with R&B, emorap and singer-songwriter tradition.

You will find the answer in the trilogy Soapbox Vol. 1, 2 and 3, which he has released over the past three years.

Each release adds new facets to Atusji's music which is like an open diary full of secrets, Auto-Tune, melancholy and trap beats.

Terkel Atsushi Røjle has previously played at Roskilde Festival with the power-pop band Virgin Suicide. Now, he plays under his own moniker. Just imagine that our Countdown stage is the soapbox he steps up on. And once the music is playing, you will automatically disappear into it. It has that dreamy quality.