Thursday 30 June 2022

Plays as part of the Thursday programme

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Come on an experimental, kraut-y, post-rock-y, post-metal-esque trip through the darkness

Imagine being a stowaway on a freight train chug-chugging over the rails through the night – without a destination. The noises are loud, distorted, gritty. Sometimes you can hear a motorik beat, other times a droning ambient static or an industrial metallic racket. Other times there are explosions of sound. Everything just keeps on going and going and going (like the Duracell rabbit).

This is the sound of Swedish band Bada. A compelling mix of noise rock, doom, post-rock and psych (and so much more!).

Bada was formed in 2019 by Anna Von Hausswolff, David Sabel, Gianluca Grasselli, Filip Leyman and Hannes Nilsson – some of whom also perform as part of Anna Von Hausswolff’s own solo project.

Anna Von Hausswolff has established herself as one of the most visionary musicians in the experimental rock and metal scene.

We’ve had the pleasure of her at Roskilde Festival before under her own name. This time around she’s part of an instrumental entity. No vocals. Don’t expect much interaction with the audience either.

But expect to be sent on a sonic journey!

Through cinematic organ drones, tribal rhythms, heavy distortions and a shared desire to “reunite the essential bonds between music and physical worlds”, Bada is a captivating and constantly evolving force of creativity that demands to be witnessed in a live setting.

Bada is LOUD! Bada is just as much a physical experience as it is a sonic experience. When the music fades out at the end it has become a part of you.