Monday 27 June 2022
Delicate music from young, promising singer-songwriter

Barbro is a name to remember!

Barbro's musical universe opens for great emotions. The 25-year-old singer dives into some kind of self-examination of both identity and shame.

The music consists of intimate pop ballads by means of piano, violin and guitar. It feels just like being let into a confidential space where you are whispered secrets by Barbro's vocals. They hold a special vulnerability and purity.

If you're into acts like Fiona Apple or Cat Power, you should start listening to Barbro's special music right away.

Since the release of the first single ”I’m Fine”, Barbro has garnered much praise from all sides. The self-titled EP from 2021 shows many sides of the musical talent. One dogma from the recordings was that the songs should in no way come into contact with a computer or anything else digital. Everything had to be made by hand. An analogue quality you can pick out. The music is materially delicate and beautifully played.

Barbro and band manage to translate the songs elegantly to the live stage with an intense concentration that almost sucks the listeners in. You can see for yourself right here – and then you can start looking forward to seeing Barbro on the Rising stage at Roskilde Festival 2022.