Sunday 26 June 2022
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The artist duo brings art and activism together at the Flokkr stage.

Enter Here Together Kinship, a ceremonial gathering space between art and activism and a sci-fact wormhole into the futures we imagine together today.

Artist duo Baum & Leahy transform the Flokkr stage into a soft, dynamic and vibrant space built with upcycled materials and co-created with other artists and young activists. Following the festival, the elements of the installation are designed to become travellable communication tools for the activists to use in protests, events, workshops and more.

The Here Together Kinship addresses the importance of imagination and creativity as we act together to nurture climate rehabilitation, and asks: Which structures do we need to build in order to nourish a liveable world? What is the alluring antonym for the Apocalypse? What futures can be activated when we gather here together?

In conjunction with workshops and events run during the festival by activist groups The Green Youth Movement, LGBT+ Danmark, Fridays for Future and UngEnergi, Baum & Leahy creates a space to explore collective worldbuilding as an act of resistance. 

The artwork Here Together Kinship is developed together with the activist groups as well as with a group of artists, architects and designers: Ella Yolande, Charlotte Toro, Fie Von Veer, Emilie Strøm, Lucy Lay, Rebekka Bank and light studio Optika Studio.