Saturday 2 July 2022
Unapologetic Southern state star-to-be rapper who speaks about womanhood and motherhood

Let’s talk about babies. This mutha has had four of them – two pairs of twins! When not attending her muthahood, she’s busy making bad-ass hip-hop music. As the name implies, a central part of her artist image is that she is indeed a mother.

BbyMutha has been at it for eight years. It was the single “Rules” that started garnering buzz and turning BbyMutha became a sudden SoMe favourite.

Thanks to her candid, DIY approach to music, her hard work, not only as a musician but also as a business entrepreneur who owns and runs an apothecary, all while raising two pairs of twins by herself, she has become as much a role model for young female MCs as an altogether empowering voice for independent women in general.

While BbyMutha fits into Southern rap’s legacy of originality via a refusal to conform to any coastal trends, choosing instead respective local flairs for self-expression, it is her unapologetic attitude and her slow, icy-cool Chattanooga, Tennessee drawl that give her an artistic voice all her own.

In 2020, the rapper released her debut album. Muthaland contains no less than 25 tracks with an abundance of standouts. The rapper balances raunchy sex talk with reflections on trauma. The musical backdrop is a dark, menacing and relentless sound, which has made Pitchfork call BbyMutha “an artist operating at her peak”.

She has followed suit with a string of EP releases (we recommend following her on Bandcamp). Each one harvesting lots of praise and building on her sound.

This is an artist who’s constantly on the move. And when you catch her live you can be sure to see witness a saucy and winning show from this “an unapologetic rap sensation”.