Sunday 26 June 2022
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A talk about sex, boundaries and consent

Most people watch porn. Most people have sex. But very few people talk openly about sex.

Let’s do something about that. Let’s talk about sex, baby!

Bedside Productions will do a talk on sex, boundaries and consent in a festival setting, drawing on their experience in facilitating safer spaces at their sex positive parties and in their porn productions.

Consent is not sexy, it’s mandatory.

The panel will consist of:

  • Kirstine Hellemose Fangel who works with sex education at The Danish Family Planning Association (Sex & Samfund) and is an emotional fluffer at Bedside Productions
  • Anna Gunvor Hyttel who founded Club Mafia and is a prime mover in terms of integrating safer space policies in Copenhagen's club scene
  • Freja Sigsgaard-Hansen who co-organises Bedside's sex parties
  • Signe Skovbye, a psychomotor therapist and sexologist who works with emotional fluffing at Bedside’s porn productions.
  • The panel will be moderated by journalist and Bedside editor Polina Bachlakova.

In addition to the talk, we'll host a short workshop in the Flokkr Container demonstrating how to negotiate consent and intimacy.

Bedside Productions is a community producing porn films and magazines, sex positive parties and educational material concerning sex, porn and party culture. They work with a top priority in creating ethical frameworks for all of the above, especially regarding representation, respect and nuanced perspectives on sex, intimacy and eroticism.